If you prefer not to be presented with relevant product recommendations, click on the button below to opt-out via the IAB's new pan-European website 'Your Online Choices':

If you wish to learn more about online behavioural advertising and privacy, visit Your Online Choices.


Please note that you must maintain the cookie on your browser in order for myThings to recognize you as a visitor who chose to opt-out. If you delete the cookie, you will need to repeat this process. If you disabled cookies in your browser, the opt-out cookie will not be installed. Additionally, if you use several computers or web browsers, you must opt out on each of them. Opt out cookie installation doesn’t prevent ads or pop-ups on your computer, only the delivery of myThings' adaptive ads.

Respecting Your Privacy
What We Do
myThings is a technology company that partners with online businesses and retailers to create adaptive, personalized banners. These banners display relevant offers such as recommendations of products that you might be interested in, based on statistical analysis of anonymous data collected on a retailer’s website.
myThings takes your privacy very seriously
The browsing data we collect is always anonymous and does not include any personally identifiable information. That means that we do not know your name, your home address or any other personal information that can identify you.
myThings is signatory of IAB Online Behavioural Advertising Framework
myThings is a member of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) – the non-profit trade association for online and mobile advertising, promoting growth and best practice for advertisers, agencies and media owners. myThings was one of the first signatories of the IAB's pan-European self-regulatory Framework for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA), which outlines good practice aimed at enhancing transparency and consumer control.
myThings banners include AdChoices Icon
All myThings display advertisements are OBA-based and contain an AdChoices icon, which signifies consumer information and control for online behavioral advertising. By clicking on it, users are directed to myThings' opt-out page, where they can:
  1. Obtain more information about privacy and how their online interests are being analyzed or used to personalize ads
  2. Turn off these types of ads if they wish doing so
To review our full privacy policy, please click here.